Mobile Casino Revolution

Do you check your phone before you’ve even fully opened your eyes? Is your phone your alarm clock, your calendar, your address book, or your source of news and entertainment? Would life be difficult, to say the least, without your phone? You have almost certainly answered yes to at least one of these questions.

Casinos are no exception to the mobile revolution. Just like how you can play your favourite games, access social media, and other forms of entertainment, you can also visit your favourite casino quite literally in the palm of your hand. Mobile casinos are actually more popular than desktop casinos in today’s society.

Play Mobile Casino Games with Real Money

Mobile casinos don’t equate to ‘just for fun’ games to pass time while commuting, etc. Mobile casinos are just as legitimate as any casino you’ve ever actually walked into physically. There are slots, table, and live games that allow you to bet and win real money!

Jackpots and winnings are not less on mobile casinos, but the opposite is actually true. As mobile casinos gain popularity, winnings, and jackpots also increase in value. The reduced cost of overhead associated with a mobile casino against a land-based casino makes winning odds more favourable to players as well.

Bonuses at Mobile Casinos

One major advantage to playing on your handheld device instead of going to a land-based casino is the opportunity to be a winner right off the bat. This comes in the form of various bonuses that mobile casinos offer to win your heart and your money of course!

Bonuses vary in their nature. There are bonuses that require deposits and those that simply require you to sign up and provide some sort of commitment. Other bonuses are tailored to and catered towards different demographics and different casinos have different bonus offers for both their existing and prospective players.

Mobile Casino Apps: iOS & Android

We no longer live in a world where we can access limited versions of websites, casinos included, on our mobile devices. The “mobile version” of a site tends to be limiting and frustrating, to say the very least. Luckily, more apps have been developed to avoid this issue.

The apps vary depending on what your favourite casino is, where you live, how you play, and the device you own or are trying to get the app on. There are full casinos, there are apps that mimic an existing online or land-based casinos, and there are even apps dedicated to specific games, such as poker.

Live Dealers on Mobile Casino Games

Mobile casinos aren’t limited to slots and individual games, you can actually access live games with live dealers from wherever you are and whenever you want to. This feature is extremely appealing to many players all over the world. Make sure you look for this feature when picking a casino.

Live dealers, depending on the casino that you choose to play at, vary from actual human operators to robots that are perfectly programmed with extremely advanced technology and complex algorithms that accurately mirror the odds, probabilities, and outcomes of real games as though you walked into a physical casino yourself.

Mobile Slot Games

If you have ever logged in or even just browsed an online or mobile casino, then you are fully aware that there are quite literally hundreds, or even thousands, of different slot games available to you, and more games being added and released every day by casinos all over the world.

Slot games vary from games featuring cute critters and superheroes to everything in between. There are games that cater to new players, old players, beginners, and experts. It would be hard to argue or say that there isn’t a slot game that appeals to your interests, hobbies, or preferences among these various options.

Gambling in Ireland

Ireland is well known for a couple of things, one being beer and the other being gambling. Though the Irish are most known for their affinity for the horse, as well as greyhound racing, there is also a significant presence of other forms of gambling from live games and sports betting to casino gambling.

Gambling and related activities in Ireland are governed by the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956. As one could guess based on the title and evident date of its introduction, the regulation and laws are somewhat dated and not in line with other countries. Ireland has been criticized by other countries and officials, forcing some reviews.